Reproducing Lust

“I don’t want to hear the same stories you’ve told the others. I want the truth and I want it now!” Lloyd slammed his hands on the desk to emphasise the words.

The young Japanese man shrank away from his interrogator. If being locked in a military detention cell had failed to scare him Lloyd’s aggression made it clear he had got himself into serious trouble.

“But … I …” he stumbled over his words. “I’ve already said what happened. There isn’t anything else to say, all I …”

“Cut the crap,” Lloyd interrupted. “Who are you working for and how did you know about Maddy?”

“I’m not working for anyone in that way. I didn’t know she was doing anything secret. She was just the chick I was being paid to …”

“Yes, and who was it that paid you?” Lloyd leaned further across the table.

“I’ve said already. Dark Designs. That’s the agency.”

“Yeah, yeah, to fund your college fees. I know what you’ve told us and it’s a pile of horse shit.” There was fear in the student’s eyes. They were pleading to be believed. “I’m going to check on your records.” Lloyd pushed himself back into a standing position. The table slid away from him, trapping the detainee in his chair.

Perry, who had remained at his boss’ shoulder, his bulk silent and menacing in the freshly pressed uniform, followed him out the door. The Japanese man jumped as it slammed behind the two of them.

“Are you saying this guy is telling us the truth?” Lloyd’s anger was still evident as he spoke to his subordinate.

“Yes, sir.” Perry replied. “We’ve checked it out and there’s nothing on him. He’s clean.”

A tall woman turned away from the window where she had been watching the interrogation. Her bunched hair bobbed behind her like a dark mane as she strode to catch up with the others.

Lloyd barley dropped his pace as he spoke to her over his shoulder. “Maddy, why is your husband paying some dating agency to send a guy to bed you? What kind of crazy relationship do you two have?”

The female officer did not blush at the question. “My marriage went sour six months ago, we haven’t lived together since, sir. I won’t file for divorce and now it looks like my ex is trying to get me to cheat on him.”

“So he sends this college jock to hunt you down and get you into bed?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And it just happens to be the same night we’re running real world tests on the new subject? Shit, this is fucked up.” Lloyd stopped in front of another observation window. “What do I tell the committee now?”

Stood either side of their boss Maddy and Perry exchanged glances behind his back.

“Well, you could say that it worked better than we expected?” Perry ventured.

“Too right it did, and now we know what androids dream of, and it’s not electric sheep, it’s muscled young men who want to jump them.”

The two younger intelligence officers turned to follow the gaze of their superior. In the large room beyond the glass the body of a woman, who could have been Maddy’s twin, lay on a table. Three technicians moved around her consulting displays and handheld screens. Thick cables ran from various points on the woman’s body to computer ports in the floor.


12 February 2010
The trial of a Japanese man who killed his lover has highlighted the shadowy world of the professional wakaresaseya; a type of private detective who is paid to (among other things) interfere in relationships.

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