Science Fiction

Science fiction is the genre I enjoy writing in the most. Here you will find a number of short stories that fall most obviously in to this category.

The Voice Of A Child
A freighter on an outbound voyage from a star system encounters trouble.

A man awakes in hospital after an accident that almost killed him. Fortunately medical science has been able to recreate his body. Upon returning home, however, he starts to remember what led up to the accident.

A Darkness Within
On the edge of known space an explorer searching for alien life discovers something that may answer all the questions that still puzzle the human race.

Forever Day
One man is left in a city now patrolled only by cleaning and maintenance robots. The rest of the city’s inhabitants have left, maybe for something better.

In a world where information is always available and anything can be found out quickly just by asking the question, the man who has no identity is unusual.