Flash Fiction

Flash fiction are stories of extreme brevity. They are generally considered to be no more than 1,000 words in length making them quick to read.

Here I aim to offer a piece of prose each week that is related to something in the news. Most have a slightly futuristic bent, although there are some surprises. (Original blog post about my Friday flash ficiton.)

Enjoy and share.


2 December 2011
First Strike

What happens when the internet wants a break?

25 November 2011
Thinking Through

The first AI appears not on Earth but in orbit.

4 November 2011

It is good to get involved, sometimes too good.

28 October 2011

Why isn’t a trip to the bottom of the ocean okay for a teenage girl?

21 October 2011
Social Stigmata

How you keep in touch with your friends may be more important than you think.

01 April 2011
Rotting Ambrosia

Human engineered food may not save us in the future.

25 March 2011
Fair Use

Copying your own work is sometimes not the best thing to do.

10 December 2010
Personal Protest

A woman stands up for justice following the death of her husband.

3 December 2010

Working for what you believe in can be dangerous.

29 October 2010 Webs

How far would you go to impress your idol?

22 October 2010

Understanding the small print is as important as being able to read it.

1 October 2010
Standing Out From The Crowd

On a flooded world a boy waits for his father to return.

24 September 2010
Holding Back The Darkness

Some fears are all too real.

17 September 2010
The Art Of Giving

When there is no shared language you follow your heart.

10 September 2010
Caught In The Act

A young prince catches a troll about to snack on a fairy.

3 September 2010
The Knack

Magic is all about maintaining concentration.

27 August 2010
Criminal Sales

Every crime syndicate wants a way to know the cops next move.

20 August 2010

Some prohibitions are harder to live with than others.

13 August 2010
Free And Fair

What do you do when the system does not recognise you as a voter.

13 August 2010
Free And Fair
What do you do when the system does not recognise you as a voter.

6 August 2010
Island In The Sea
A travelling community come up against the new environmental navy.

30 July 2010
Semantic Memory
When the hunters come you can only hope they will pick someone else.

23 July 2010
New Arrivals
Colonists turn up to bolster a planet, but all is not as expected.

16 July 2010
A Little White
On a distant planet a monsoon brings forth a wondrous new plant.

9 July 2010
Not all internet psychics are frauds, some are very accurate.

25 June 2010
Who Would Buy The World
The first ever planet to be auctioned attracts many interested parties.

18 June 2010
A holiday maker finds he has unknowingly broken the rules of a planet.

11 June 2010
For The Lonely
A woman finds her new date is not all she expected.

4 June 2010
Reaping The Whirlwind
When you call upon the gods to aid you, the result is not always perfect.

28 May 2010
Mind Spark
A series of errors with asteroid mining drones leads to an investigation.

21 May 2010
Slow Cold Death
Hunted for what they have become, a couple attempt a daring escape bid

14 May 2010
The Smallest Death
Two activists invade a baby farm to apply some re-programming.

7 May 2010
If the polls are correct the country could be witnessing the first AI Member of Parliament.

30 April 2010
The Fall Of A King
A king plans to avoid his expected slot on the funeral pyre.

23 April 2010
The Radiant Mother
Spencer has something important to tell his mom.

15 April 2010
Suddenly everything stops.

9 April 2010
A Human Revolution
An android tries to find a safe haven in a ruined world.

2 April 2010
The Souls Of Toys
Disposing of something is easy when you don’t consider it alive.

26 March 2010
A Tale Of Thieves
Three robbers argue over who did the killing.

19 March 2010
Gambling On Millions
Poetry can get you fame and fortune even when it’s not your own.

12 March 2010
One Of Our Zombies Is Missing
Reanimated bodies aren’t meant to leave without asking.

05 March 2010
Talk About Revolution
The film you make may attract more attention than you want.

26 February 2010
Express Yourself
The first time on the catwalk is never easy especially when you’re different.

19 February 2010
Standing Guard
A robot waits for his master to return.

12 February 2010
Reproducing Lust
A not entirely innocent man picks-up the wrong girl.

5 February 2010
The journey of a balloon released accidently by its young owner.

29 January 2010
The fan of a pop star doesn’t find what he expects to in a dressing room.

22 January 2010
Seeing Is Believing
Augmented reality is the only way to watch the sun exploding.

15 January 2010
Stealing Memories
A priest watches his King’s tomb desecrated.

8 January 2010
The Voice Of A Child
Protesting for a cause does not always get the desired result.

1 January 2010
Smoke of Knowledge
The reward of the hunt can be great indeed.

25 December 2009
Skip Week
A week when some things were lost and I got a little confused.

18 December 2009
To Suffer
A man witnesses the ruinous effect of a drug on his father.

11 December 2009
Rite of Passage
A teenager waits for an operation that will mark his adulthood.

4 December 2009
Before The Storm
A rider arrives at a lonely farmer bearing grave news.

27 November 2009
A traveller encounters a mob set on trouble.

20 November 2009
The Ahtog
Two boys discover that something is moving in the night.

13 November 2009
Freedom always comes at a price.

6 November 2009
It’s hard to give up what you love regardless of justice.

30 October 2009
A man returns home to his wife after a business trip overseas.

23 October 2009
Just One Drop
A woman searches for help in a ruined land.

16 October 2009
Life On The Edge
A little girl finds out the price of being homeless.

9 October 2009
The Man In The Gutter
When society chases after the money some stay behind.

2 October 2009
The Book
Not for bedtime reading.

23 September 2009
Summer Rain
On a far flung world a little girl longs for the return of summer.

18 September 2009
The Naked Man
A man’s death can mean more than the just one life passing on.

11 September 2009
How one man deals with loss of someone close.

4 September 2009
The Shrine
In a ruined world a small group hold on to the past.

28 August 2009
The Last Pirate
A pirate finds he is alone.

21 August 2009
Remote Working
An aid worker cannot wait to return to his family.

14 August 2009
The Cost Of Life
A woman struggles to find help after being attacked in a city alley.

7 August 2009
Taking A Stand
A woman decides to stand up for her rights.

31 July 2009
Phantoms in The Brain
A soldier fights in a war torn country.