Longer Poetry

The Hope Chest

Lay me gently in your hope chest.
Take my mind and body, wrap them tight.
Fit me in between the forks and spoons.
Keep me there for when you have a need.
Air me once each year.
Brush away the dust.
Stop the rats from nibbling my imagination.
And when the time is right, lift me out and kiss me once,
Bring me to your life.

A Hearts Desire

Soft words against my cheek,
Brush my heart, touch my soul,
For your sweet breathe I yearn,
To still my ache and make me whole.

The Pain Of Sundays

The day it does not stop, yet all I think about is you.
My chest is tight with longing, my brain a whirl of thought, my mind it will not settle.
My thoughts move to some task and slip away once more.
You sit there in the hollow in my heart and now all of me falls into you.

Holding On

Each day apart brings us nearer.
Each minute we speak is a moment I savour.
Loving you keeps me holding on.
A desire to be there that is so strong.


When the distance seems too great,
When time stands in our way,
Know I think of you.
The love we have will see us through.
Know that we will have it all.

When the distance seems too great,
When time stands in our way,
Know we have each other and the darkness of the night is filled by both our hearts.

May I

May I never forget you, make you feel unwanted, unattended.
May I offer you each new day, some different vista, point of view.
May I lead you through the wild world, your hand firmly grasped in mine,
Carry you to our wedding bed and lay you there on soft white down.

Showers and Meetings

You came to me while I was in the shower.
I watched the water flow across your skin.
My arms were wrapped around you,
And I smelled the shampoo in your hair.
We held each other there for all of time,
Until our fingers became old.
But when the water stopped you fled,
And I was left with but the scented mist.

Wanting You

I see your smile, hear your laugh.
At night in dreams I hold you close.
Your body pressed against my skin.
The echo of your voice within my chest.
To wake with your soft touch.
To see you next to me.
This is longing.
This is wanting you.