Writing – The Return of Short Fiction

The weekly short stories are back after a hiatus of some months.

People had noticed that my production of Friday fiction had spluttered at the start of the year and finally dried up completely a month or so later. The good news is that the short stories are back.

After a break of this length it has proven difficult to get back into the swing of things. The ideas have never gone away and during the time I stopped uploading them I have made a note of what tale I would like to tell. As with blogging (and many things in my life) habit is the real problem. When I have got into the rhythm of choosing a news item to write about, drafting a story, writing it, giving it a brief edit and then publishing it never feels onerous; slotting back into the routine is a different matter.

Now I have two tasks. One is to ensure the production of stories continues (I like writing them and they help improve my skills), and the other is to work through the backlog of notes and get those done as well. Don’t be surprised if you see a couple of stories appearing each week.