City of Heroes

For a few years I played the online multi-player game City of Heroes. When I started writing I found it easy to use an existing world and so wrote a number of short stories based around the setting depicted in the game.

Some knowledge of the game world is presumed, although it is not necessary for all the stories (To Die For is a tale of horror that could be set almost anywhere). In all cases while I have tried to keep as close as I can to the setting, I have taken small liberties.


Lost and Found
An elderly woman finds a stray in an alley in Founders’ Fall. She decides
to take it in and care for it.

To Die For
A newly qualified doctor takes up a job at the hospital in Kings Row.
One night she sees green fire leaping from the top of a nearby building
and decides to undertake some investigation. It leads her in to a dark
world she never knew existed.

Where Do Alt’s Go
A man dreams of taking to the skies once more, to return to his crime
fighting hero days, but his motivation has left him. Note: The word alt’s
refers to the alternate characters that game players create when they
get bored of the character they are currently playing.

The Sound Of Silence
Milly has the power to destroy things with her voice and spends the nights masquerading as Sonic Girl. When she discovers the meeting place of a local Mafia boss she decides to investigate it on her own.

The Memory of Moraine
A sailor remembers the day he first saw the ghost ship.

School Daze – Unknowing
Jessica, a high school student, thinks that her father is a super hero, and decides to try to find out the truth.
(A bit of a departure from my normal writing, this is more manga in style.)

Eensy Weensy Spider
A little girl is told a bedtime story about what happened to Stefan Richter when he was a naughty little boy.