In short: an aspiring writer, technology addict and verbose blogger who struggles with a podcast habit while trying to find extra fingers to stick in all those pies.

The longer version is:

I’ve wanted to write since I was young and now I do. You can find a selection of my free fiction on the stories page.

I’m slightly geeky as far as computers go. I also have a small addiction to gadgets, although most of them have a purpose (honest).

Music takes up a lot of my life, whether it’s in the background while I work or plugged into my ears when I’m cycling. I also subscribe to a large number of podcasts which usually end up on my phone.

I watch a lot of films (currently around three per week). Science fiction is my favourite genre although I’m a sucker for anime as well as French, Spanish and German movies. Recommendations are always welcome and can be left on my currently watching page.

In days gone by I read everything I could get my hands on. Now life gets in the way, so I’ve moved to audio books and audio short stories (from the likes of Escape Pod and Starship Sofa).