Poetry – Shorts

Various little poems posted as updates on Twitter and Facebook.

The Hurt Of Summer
Each time a bumble bee hits a window, I hear the tiny thud and cry a little for it’s pain.

After The Party
The stars watch through clear skies as we stagger home proofed in the warm cloak of alcohol.

You and Me
Dreaming of days in a cabin surrounded by the trees. The beauty of being alone together. The world at our feet and life in our hair.

The Box
Under my bed is a box. There hide the pictures of my life. Memories stilled; fixed in time waiting for the tears to make them live again.

The morning brings me life. My lover reaches her majority; bursting on the world with glorious beauty.

Summer Kiss
The gentle touch of sunlight on the blossom of the trees; an unasked for kiss from the one you love. I let out a sigh as you brush my lips.