Seeing Double

I gave into a whim the other day and plugged a second screen into my computer in the study.canova-dual-screen-laptop-3

The logical justification for this was that I had started to run out of desktop space. What with Tweetdeck open, a couple of IM chat windows going, a news ticker, a side bar for making notes on, some documents and no end of browser windows (tabbed and not tabbed), one 17 inch screen was just getting confusing.

The second monitor has therefore given me some more space to play with and meant I can keep various windows open for quick checking rather than having to flip between them.

The other justification is that it just feels cool to have two screens sat on your desk. Being able to drag windows from one to the other generates a certain amount of geeky pleasure.

The downside is that the study (with its brown woods, green walls and leather covered desk) which I have been trying to keep technology free, now has two screens standing proud in the middle of it. Maybe I should just steampunk them in the hope that brass will fit in better.