Re-Install Drivers Me Crazy

For my unending sins I had the opportunity to fix another broken Windows install the other day – Vista this time.

Rather than some of problematic XP machines I’ve dealt with this one was relatively easy. The friend I was doing it for wasn’t bothered about keeping the current install, just the personal data. She also supplied me with the factory restore disk so it was just a matter of drop it in and press a few buttons.

After twenty minutes of watching the progress bar crawl by (okay, so I was using my own machine and just flicking between the screens) it was all done. A new, shiny, OS.

Auto Updates

Auto Updates

There was a second disk that had shipped with the computer. It was labeled ‘Additional Software’ so I hadn’t paid a great deal of attention to it. Afterall, who wants a copy of MS Works and an old version of Nero when there are such things as OpenOffice available.

What I hadn’t noticed was that half of the drivers for the motherboard hadn’t been installed. That was because they were all packed away nice and neatly on the second CD.

Now call me picky but if you’re going to give users a way of getting their machine back on its feet, especially a process that appears simple and complete, you need to make it seamless.

Oh, well, you get what you pay for and it was a cheap machine. Pay more than $600 and you might be in with a chance.