Give Me Some Latitude

When Google launched Latitude a few weeks ago it created a bit of a stir on various mainstream news sites. It obviously wasn’t the first site to offer location based information, but due to Google’s size they were bound to make a splash.

Google Latitude

Google Latitude

I will admit that the idea of being able to know, at a glance, where all my friends are when I’m out for the evening really does appeal. The unfortunate thing is that most people don’t have the right phone, don’t have it connected to the net all the time or just don’t know how to use this sort of application. Given how many times I’ve seen friends send out text messages to all and sundry asking if anyone is else is around, there is obviously a market for it.

The biggest concern appears to be privacy, or more to the point the clandestine nature of the service. Having now tried it for a few weeks I would be amazed if anyone ever manages to install it on another’s phone without it being noticed – there are that many warnings with very obvious options to turn it off that it is unlikely to be missed by even the most technophobic of users.

Is it a good service? Yes, but I’m biased. Is it going to get used by ordinary people? Not for a fair few years yet. Not until always connected phones are the norm.