Careful What You Filter For

Over the years I’ve contemplated changing email my email address, mainly due to the amount of spam I get. The downside of doing this is that I have had the same one for many many years and it seems wrong to change it just because some guy in Nigeria keeps asking me for my bank account details.

Obviously the solution is to use plenty of filters. My ISP catches a lot of the spam, Google and local programs sort out a the other bits and what does get through is then dealt with by all the rules I have set-up in Outlook.

All great plans have their flaws though, and mine was turning on too many ‘mark as read and delete’ options. This came to light when I found out some emails from a friend had suffered the same fate as those from people I wasn’t interested in reading (no, thank you sir, I don’t want to check my security details via your site, so please stop asking).

Nothing lost, but it did make me want to review the current sorting rules I have in place. Then I counted them – 119! I’ve decided they can all stay. When I next rebuild the computer they’ll all be gone anyway.