The Keyboard’s Too Right

As I’ve mentioned before I have been trying to keep the keyboard positioned with the main keys directly in front of me. This is to ensure I can type fast and accurately without developing RSI or any other ailment.

What I have noticed is that the other keys (cursors, number pad etc.) are all on the wrong side. As a large majority of the population are right-handed these keys (which aren’t used that often anyway) get in the way of the mouse. It would make far more sense to have them all on the left so that the mouse was closer to the right-hand and it wouldn’t be much more difficult to use those particular keys with the left-hand (my left hand finds it easy enough to type).

The reason for this odd arrangement is obvious, of course – the keyboard was created long before the mouse came into popular use. Maybe I should go looking to see if Logitech make the keyboard I want. Heck, they make those silly split ones.