Nokia E71 Review – Part One

I’ve now had the Nokia E71 for a couple of months so I thought it was about time I wrote a quick review of it. To give this some perspective I’ll start by telling you what I wanted in a new phone.

  1. A camera with a good flash (not just a bright light that stayed on).
  2. A good web browser combined with speedy access.
  3. A music player and ideally a radio, although the latter was not essential.
  4. Document synchronization. Now that I have started writing I want to be able make notes and copy them back on to my main computer without any difficulties.
  5. Wi-Fi would also be useful as it would mean I could get rid of the old PDA I have.
  6. I wouldn’t say no to GPS but it’s not essential.
  7. Small size.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs this left me with a narrow list to choose from.

Top was the iPhone 3G which not only looked great, but was also one of the best web browsing experiences I’ve encountered. Unfortunately entering a large amount of text on the touch screen wasn’t a great experience.

I’d also looked at the various Blackberries on offer but none of these appealed as they weren’t media friendly enough and looked rather clunky (and thank goodness I didn’t wait for the Storm as that doesn’t have Wi-Fi).

In the end I went for the Nokia E71. A friend let me play with his and it seemed to have none of the problems Nokia had inflicted on users over the last few years (fat phones and slow software being the main two). It also came with full MS Office compatibility and had GPS thrown in as well as Wi-Fi and a little key board. I liked it. I bought it.

(More tomorrow)