Gardening – Digging and Planning

This year starts with digging, a plan, and a little bit of history.The vegetable patch dug over and ready for planting.

When I was a child I grew stuff, mainly tomatoes, sweet corn and, one of my favourites, radishes. From secondary school onwards life got in the way and my thoughts of growing lovely veg’ vanished. It was only when I started visiting farm shops that my mind turned once more to cultivating my own food. A move to cooking with (mostly) seasonal produce, gave me even more of a push and last year I took the plunge.

I am lucky that my house came with a greenhouse. The thing was missing a few panes, and one of the automatic window openers did not work, but the aluminium frame was in good repair. At the beginning of 2011 I replaced all the broken glass, gave it a clean, and then took another big step: I dug up some turf to create a vegetable plot.

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I am guest blogging about the challenge of being a first-time gardener at Project Rivendell.