Comment – I Love My iPhone

I thought it was time I redressed the balance following a few grumblings about some of the basics features I thought were missing from the iPhone.

After two weeks of messing and re-installing everything a few times I now have a handset that works rather well. I was well aware that my old Nokia E71 had become rather out of date, but it was not until I got the new piece of kit that I understood just how behind the times it was. Do not get me wrong, the E71 was an up-to-date phone when I purchased it. At the time Apple had not long brought out its new mobile and the Nokia was able to do as much, if not more. Since then technology has moved on.

I knew the larger screen on the modern smart phones was something I wanted, and I was frustrated that many of the web sites I used did not create applications for the Symbian OS, but I did not appreciated some of the finer things that three years of improvements has created.

Apart from the fact that I can easily synchronise my music playlists along with the podcasts I subscribe to, there are a few cool things I have discovered.

Web browsing is simple, quick and easy. Opera on the E71 was pretty good, but now it is all so much better. In the similar way maps work very smoothly. Addresses placed in emails or text messages become clickable links that open up the mapping application without any need to cut-and-paste. The function that really wooed me, however, was the connection between messages and the calendar.

When someone asks, ‘Do you want to meet next Tuesday?’ not only do the words ‘next Tuesday’ become a link to my diary, but when clicked a new entry is offered up for completion. Now that is not only cool, but it actually saves me time.

What I’m now looking forward to is getting a phone running the Android OS, so I can compare the two. Roll on the Xperia Pro.