Comment – Is It A Phone?

This will be my penultimate mention of how I am coming to terms with using an iPhone.

Except for a few initial problems I have enjoyed the first couple of weeks with this shiny new handset. It is, contrary to some of my grumblings on Twitter, a darn fine piece of kit.

It was in my first week of owning the new iPhone, when I kept discovering features my old Nokia had that this handset did not, that an IT manager made me burst out laughing with the comment, “Do you need to install an app’ so you can make call.” It summed up precisely how I was feeling.

Here are a few of the things I did not get out of the box:

No creation of groups for text messages – I can send a text to a group of people, but if I have not sent them something for a while I have to trawl through my in box until I find the last one (and then read the recipients list to check which set of friends it is).

Profiles, where are the profiles – If family or close friends ring me in the middle of night I want to be woken up, but I do not want to hear the drunken ramblings of other mates as they stagger back from a night of drinking.

Draft text messages – Okay so I can use the Notes application Apple provide, but it would so much easier if I could do it from within the messages section.

A keyboard I have to actually look at – Now I understand why iPhones users get so many crazy typos and walk into other people when sending text messages. This is not entirely an iPhone issue, it’s a problem with touch screens.

And that is it. I will grumble no more, because, the iPhone does what it says it will. It isn’t a business product, it isn’t a productivity device, it’s a bit of kit for the consumer and that’s what most people want.