Writing – New Laptop

I finally decided what to buy and now I’m a happy man.

Last month I wittered on about what bit of kit to get so I could enjoy the summer sat outside whilst still being able write. The phone I want isn’t available for a few months, the iPad is not up to the job and the netbook has no storage space and runs out of steam in an hour or so.

After some research and a lot of trying to deny my inner child (the voice that tells me to buy something regardless of whether I need it or not), I have finally purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad X200. I decided against the newer version (the X220) partly due to the cost but also because it didn’t seem like much of an improvement, especially given what I want to use it for. (This is also the reason I didn’t opt for an Apple Macbook Air.)

To say I’m pleased with the new machine would be an understatement. It does everything I want, and more importantly the battery lasts for hours (just over eight from a full charge if I’m using it offline). With Windows 7 installed, my music library copied across and the odd movie added, this is becoming my favourite travelling companion. I have already started thinking about swapping out the hard drive for a SSD and putting Ubuntu on it as I suspect both will improve the performance.

It doesn’t have a webcam and the speaker is poor (only the one, I think), but then it’s a work machine, not as a replacement for the two screen giant sat in my desk. And with iTunes and OpenOffice installed (my first concession to an open platform), it works perfectly.

Happiness is a boy with a new toy.