Writing – Blame The Tools

I want to enjoy the sun and write, but over the last couple of years I have learnt that what use does make a difference.

Summer is here, or at least spring, and with it comes clear blue skies and warm days. The homely study with its dark wood, reading chairs and large desk is fine when it is cold outside, but when the weather is good I want to be laying on the grass and listening to the birds.

This year I find myself with a phone that is at the end of its life, a laptop that needs to be replaced, a netbook that simply is not up to scratch, and an iPad I do not always have access to. The question is therefore which do I replace so I can enjoy the fine weather that is to come (hopefully) and still get some work done.

The likely candidate for replacement first is the mobile phone as I use this for most things. Even if I do go for the forthcoming Sony Xperia Pro, this still leaves me with the issue of editing on a small screen which I do not enjoy. There is little chance of me getting a netbook, because they have become too limited when compared to even something as simple as an iPad.

Now the iPad 2 is very nice, but I have tried writing on it and the on screen keyboard is a drag for long periods of text input. A separate, wireless, one does solve this problem, and also gets around the cut and paste issues I have with touch screens, but by then I’ve spent £500 and it is not much more for a reasonable laptop.

The new version of the Macbook Air is very delectable and has all the advantages of the Apple OS. At the same time it is expensive. There is also the forthcoming Lenovo X220 which might not have the looks of the Air, but is a solid business machine with an excellent pedigree (I used a Think pad years ago and had no complaints). Again it is not cheap, but costs less than the Air.

The only other idea I have had is to buy an X200 after the new version has come out. Even if I can’t get a brand new one for a lower price, I might be able to pick up a second-hand model. I could even solve the out-of-date OS issue by installing Ubuntu or other Linux variant (something I have been looking for an excuse to try anyway).

Whilst I do have a few months to make up my mind (the Sony Xperia Pro is not available until June), the real problem is that I simply want it all now. I am going to do my best to hold back, and at the same time I will look into the options as thoroughly as possible. If you have any ideas or recommendations that will help keep me busy, please let me know.