Comment – New Bike

I’ve got a new bike and I love it.

After getting my last bike stolen I thought I’d take the opportunity to upgrade a little. I hadn’t had a bicycle since I was in my late teens when I got the previous one. There was a scheme through the company I was working for which gave a reasonable tax advantage, and I wanted to start do some exercise while at the same time cutting down on my car usage, so it all fell into place.

That bike was nothing special. It felt good at the time, but over the last couple of years I have started to do a lot of off-road riding and that has showed me what the cool kids are using. Mine, I realised, was the equivalent of a family hatchback. I did improve it by upgrading the bikes, but I’d spent too much time coveting shiny things and when my it was taken my first thought was, I wonder how much I can justify spending on something new.

I didn’t want to make a rush decision and so borrowed a friend’s machine to keep me happy. Then I did the usual things of reading as much as I could (not only on bikes but also on how to secure them), and asking people who knew a lot more than me. All the research pointed towards a Specialized Hardrock or Rockhopper. Both had good frames, a long standing pedigree and didn’t cost a fortune.

A small amount overrode the giddy excitement and I decided to get the cheaper of the two; the Hardrock. I also started nosing around on Ebay and was pleased to find not only some recent models going for a good price, but some with upgrades as well.

Now I am the happy owner of a five year old Hardrock, with added Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and combined leavers and shifters. I can safely say that this feels like the best bike I’ve ever ridden and I’ll be rather upset if it gets stolen.