Comment – Stolen Bike

A couple of weeks ago my mountain bike was stolen. A very nice young man (I’ve seen the CCTV footage) walked up to the rack, cut the cable, and rode off on it.

I wasn’t particularly distraught by this turn of events. After all it was only a bike, not even an amazingly expensive one at that, but I was surprised at how easy the cable securing it was cut so that evening I started doing some research. It turns out that the 8 millimetre thick chain I was using could have been severed by a four-year-old with a blunt knife. When bike thieves get serious they use 42 inch bolt cutters and those can go through things far thicker than anything I’d thought about using.

Here’s a good example of the videos I found on Youtube:

After four hours of watching and reading (for once some of the comments on Youtube were actually useful) I settled on something a little stronger. I’ve now got a 12mm thick U-shackle and I’m keeping my eye out for a similar chain.

There’s still plenty for me to learn (advice is always welcome), but I’m now hoping I’ve got enough knowledge to keep my next bike safe.