Comment – New Phone Part 2

The search for a new phone is nearly over.

I started with a long list and now I’ve narrowed it down to two front runners with a couple in second place and the rest out of the equation.

The first ones crossed off were the HTC 7 Pro (no SD slot), the Motorola Pro (small screen size), Palm Pre3 (no SD slot) and the Blackberry Torch (small screen size).

Of those that were left I’m still a bit unsure about the Nokia E7 and the Motorola Cliq2. My main concerns about the former is that it is the largest of the handsets I was looking at and that it runs on the Symbian OS which doesn’t have a very large developer base (and one that could be shrinking). The Cliq2 looks good but is slightly larger than one of the front runners and seems to have less system memory (although the keyboard looks interesting).

That leaves me with two phones: HTC Desire Z and the Motorola Milestone 2. While the Desire Z has a good pedigree, it is both the longer and heavier of the two; there is also some talk about the hinge not being as robust as it could be. On the other side of the coin, the Milestone 2 has the MotoBlur skin added to it and this hasn’t had particularly favourable reviews from the tech’ community.

In the end what tips the scales in favour of the Motorola handset are the cursor keys on the QWERTY keyboard. I have spent enough time trying to position the cursor on touch screens to know that while it is possible to get skilled at it, it’s never as quick as the classic four arrows, and so this sells it for me.

That’s all on paper, of course. Now I have to go out there and play with as many of the handsets as I can. If anyone is already using a Milestone 2 (or has had fun stripping out as much of MotoBlur as possible), do let me know what it was like.