Comment – New Phone

It is time to get a new mobile phone. The old one is showing signs of wear, with battery and memory problems cropping up, and while I could fix some of those, the easier, and more fun solution, is to get something new.

I have had the Nokia E71 for almost three years and learnt to love its little idiosyncrasies (memory overflows and a rather basic email client). To make it worth me swapping a new handset will need all the functions I’ve already got plus a few extras.

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

My main problem with the E71 was the small screen size which restricted the amount of editing I could. Other important considerations for any new handset are a querty keypad along with email capabilities, a way to swap seamlessly between text messages the web and social media, as well as synchronisation for calendars, oh, and maybe the ability to make the odd phone call.

Smart phones have moved on in the last few years, and the while Apple still don’t like the idea of hardware keyboards most other manufacturers produce a model that fits the bill. There are also new operating systems to pick from, with Android and Windows 7 having emerged.

I have managed to narrow my list down to the following:

HTC 7 Pro
HTC Desire Z
Motorola Cliq2
Motorola Pro
Motorola Milestone 2
Nokia E7
Palm Pre3
Blackberry Torch

Not all of these are available yet, and none of them fit the bill perfectly, but my intention is to weigh up all the pro’s and con’s, have a play with those I can get my hands on and then decide if I want to wait for the forthcoming models to appear on the market.

If anyone can offer advice in the meantime I’d happily accept the help.