Comment – Star Wars or Hitchhiker’s

Last year, during the holiday season, a friend and I spent a day watching all the extended versions of the three Lord of The Rings films. For me it wasn’t the most thrilling of days, but as the evenings draw in I’ve been thinking about doing it again.

There are a number of films I’d like to watch again more to see what they’re like without all the excitement than for any other reason. My first thought was the Star Wars series; all six films. Then there is always Back to The Future or maybe the three Matrix movies.


Of all of those Star Wars is the one that attracts me the most. I was a child when the first three came out and although I’ve watched four, five and six a few times since and the new ones when they arrived at the cinemas, my memories and impressions are clouded with time and presumption so a chance to see them all in one sitting should be worth doing.

There is a risk of disappointment, much as I discovered with The Lord of The Rings. If I were to watch the Star Wars cycle in story order I’ve not only got to cope with the first three having far better effects than the last ones, but there is also ending the evening with Return of the Jedi, in my opinion the worst of all the films.

It was whilst considering this (and getting up the nerve to check the combined total viewing time) that I remember tomorrow is 42 day. Obviously this got me thinking about The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. I’m not suggesting I watch the recent film, but the radio series is a classic and I’ve only ever listened to bits of it since getting the CDs many years ago.

The more I mull over this new suggestion the more I like it. There is now only one more potential problem to consider: can I actually sit down and listen to something for that long without getting the urge to do other things? The urge to multi-task is strong in this one.