Technology Makes Life Better

There was a time when people would complain that technology was not improving lives, certainly in the Western world. In years gone by the general point has been made that our lives have been getting more complicated, been filled with pointless things we did not need and that none of it was really making us any happier.

More recently these cries have died away and I got to wondering why. I suspect it is due to a number of facts, most notably that mainstream media has embraced the many routes of information and feedback the internet offers.

You will be hard pressed to find a newspaper that doesn’t allow comments on at least some of its articles, the ability to correspond via email, or a Twitter feed or two. Many TV shows have pages on sites like Facebook or Bebo, manage their own web presence, embed video and run special events. They also often make use of other internet services to increase the depth of their information.

It’s not only the internet that the media has got into bed with. iPods, and Apple in general via such things as the iPhone, have helped them considerably, offering more ways to talk to customers. There is also the fact that more and more people use the internet and technology in general on a daily basis. Mobile phones are now entrenched in the lives of most people and with smart phones coming of age people are becoming more comfortable with technology as a whole.

For mainstream media to start rolling out the stories about technology getting in the way would now appear to be not only hypocritical (something they are often comfortable doing), but it would also go against their own way of life and that of their readership.

Of course, there is still room for them to criticise certain sections. In recent months iPad owners are a good example of this selectiveness. Which only goes to show that technology is making all our lives better, but not all technology is doing it to the same extent (a bit like cars, houses, air travel and everything else, strangely enough).