Do I Trust Cloud Storage

The short answer is no, but after my comment the other week about keeping documents on Gmail rather than a laptop I thought I should clarify what I meant.

The fact that I don’t want to leave my stories and notes in the hands of Google is avoiding the real point, which is I don’t trust any single provider or device. My current backup regime gives me four copies of every document, on an equal number of devices at two different locations.

I am not sure if Google keep duplicate copies of everything. I suspect they do even though I don’t pay them for the service. What I do know is that they make no guarantee my email will always be available, but for what I need that doesn’t matter. The actual decision I have to make is, are the files I’m working on when using my phone or laptop, safer in isolation than they are when saved in Gmail?

I have said before that I’m more likely to leave my wallet at home than I am my phone, but just because my mobile is permanently attached to me doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk. My phone could break or be stolen, the memory card could become corrupted, there might even be an obscure software error which means the file is saved as gibberish. None of this has happened yet, but we all know how frustrating it is when you have to re-write something you’ve already done.

With this in mind putting my trust in Google seems more preferable to leaving a document on the phone.