Scary Weekly Podcast Total

The last time I calculated how many podcasts I was listening to it turned out I download twenty seven each week totally roughly 15 hours of audio. That was in March 2009.

For the last few months I have been certain that I’ve increased the number of podcasts; not in one single jump but with little subscriptions ever few weeks. As I have a need to quantify any guess, I decided to keep a note of not only the number of podcasts I downloaded in one week, but also their times.

The rather scary result is that I’ve double the amount I listen to. My totals are now 71 podcasts and 33 hours. That’s around 20% of the hours available in a week (24*7).

For those who are interested in such things, here’s the breakdown (I’d love to tell you more but I have a podcast backlog to catch up on):