Bluetooth Headphones

I have got sick of the wire between my pocket and my ears. It gets tangled up. It wraps itself around my neck and arm. When the phone is in my backpack I invariably swing it off the wrong shoulder and the buds are torn from my ears. None of this is fun.

Fortunately the solution is now at hand: Bluetooth headphones, of the stereo variety.

These are not the big set of cans that some manufactures produce. Nor are they the ones with a wire and a Bluetooth receiver hanging from them (which always struck me as defeating the object of them being wireless). These are small discs with just one wire strung between them. All the controls (volume, skip, pause, call accept, call drop) are on the earpieces, even the battery is contained inside.

They look discrete and they work well. Certainly as far as being able to hear the podcasts my phone is playing. I won’t mention the manufacturer, as I am yet to try out the call quality, but as most of the time I use the headphones to listen rather than talk when I’m out walking or on the bicycle, if this is their only failure I won’t be complaining too much. Nor have I run them all day yet, so I don’t know how battery life holds up.

At the moment, however, they are the smallest, cutest thing I own and on top of all that they do the job.