Lord of The Rings Day

Not an opportunity for me to get dressed up as an Orc and parade around the countryside. No, this was my second treat of the holiday break: eleven hours of my life put aside to watch all three of the extended editions of the recent films.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the books many years ago, not so long back I undertook the annual trip to the cinema as each successive film was released and more recently I’ve been lapping up the sights and sounds of the MMOG. What I’d never done was see the extended editions of the films and so I thought I’d make time to treat myself.

The viewing started at 10:30 am, and armed with supplies so as to reduce the number of pauses, I set about arduous the task.

I won’t offer any kind review, mainly because many others who are far more knowledgeable than me did that a long time ago, but also because I struggled to spot which bits had been added (which is a testament to how well done the extended additions are). Suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed all three films and being able to follow the story from beginning to end in one sitting was fantastic. Did it move me or stir my soul in the way the original viewings did? Sadly, no.

As with any second sitting of a book or film all of the surprises had gone. I knew how cool each of the fight scenes was, how well constructed the backdrops were and all the nuances the writers and directors had put in. I’ve never been someone who watches a film a second time in order to capture all the bits I missed the first time around, or re-reads a book over and over again. A lot of my enjoyment comes from the surprises, discovering the unexpected quality in the plot, the characters or, for a film, the effects. Once I’ve absorbed those there is little to keep me interested.

Don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t find this a chore at all. The eleven hours actually did fly by, but at the same time I wouldn’t do it again and I’m not entirely sure if given hindsight I would have done it in the first place. What it certainly did was put to bed any question of the other epic viewing I was thinking of undertaking: watching all six Star Wars films in (story) order, back to back.

I can think of many other things more worthy of my time. For a start there are 143 films in my queue to watch. Ones I’ve never seen before.