Don’t Cycle On Ice

Trees are softer than roads.

The winter weather is here in the Northern climes and the early mornings are cold, clear and bright. An ideal time to go for a cycle in my opinion. Well it would be except for the ice on the roads.Icey Bike Crash

Last week, the first of the hard frosts, I gave the slippery conditions no thought as I pulled out of the gate. It wasn’t until I tried to go around the first tight corner (on a downward slope) that the memories came rushing back to me at the same moment the asphalt slapped me around the face. The bike went across both lanes and I followed it on my side, stopping just before I hit the curb. Fortunately it was too early for there to be any cars around, so no squishy death ensued. As I got up I was laughing that much that I nearly fell over again.

Damage to both me and the bicycle was minimal; I had a few cuts on my left thigh and elbow and the chain had got jammed up. I fixed the latter and still grinning at the image of me and the bike skidding across the road, I set off again.

The next couple of turns were fine, then, as I rounded a junction, disaster struck again. Well, okay, maybe foolishness rather than disaster. I consider it a balancing of the scales, my right side was feeling left out of the beating. The couple of pedestrians didn’t seem to understand why I was laughing so much as I pulled myself up off the road for a second time. I tried to explain that I was quite used to the odd accident, but in the end had to settle for telling them I was unhurt.

Since then it’s not been as icy, and in the meantime I’ve been wonder if I should get some spikes for the tyres. (I’ll also take some pictures next time, or maybe get a helmet camera for action shots.)

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