Too Many Songs To Rate

A few years ago I loaded all my CDs on to iTunes and since then all the new ones have been ripped and then boxed away. Sadly I have quite a large music collect (although I know some people with way more of an addiction than me) and no matter how hard I try I never get around to rating the new stuff as I load it yet alone the older tracks.


More importantly I have taken a look at the number of songs I have rated and this is where the problem really lies. Out of 13,000 songs I have rated a grand total of 3382. When expressed as a percentage it sounds a lot better (26%), but this doesn’t hide the fact that I still have to rate nearly 10,000 songs. At an album a day that’s getting on for three years.

Then again if I’d started five years ago I’d have done it by now: a good example of the, do a little bit each day idea of work. Which reminds me, I still need to write my 1,000 words for today.