Fast Charging Phones

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

My first mobile phone used to take eight hours to charge and lasted about one hour of call time. Today I have a phone that last for days of swapping between stand-by and calls (although ten hours of net connectivity and it’s dead). The important thing is the time it takes to get it back to full charge.

Even a couple of years ago my phones had to be plugged in for a number of hours. Now I can take my E71 from dead to overflowing in sixty minutes. This might seem like a small thing, but when you’re only at home for a short time, it’s a massive boon to be able to plug the thing in and know that by the time you’re out the shower and dressed again it will have enough power in it to last the evening.

Now all I need are solar panels on the case.

(As an aside, I have noticed that this is more to do with the charger I use than the phone. If I borrow a different charger it can take a heck of lot longer.)