Unexpected Skype Calls

One thing it has taken me a long time to get used to with Skype is people ringing me out of the blue. I use the program a lot, to the point where, when I’m sat at the computer, or plugged into Wi-Fi with the phone, I’m showing as online. This means that people tend to call me without warning, expecting me to be ready and waiting to pick answer.


In theory this shouldn’t bother me. After all no one sends me a text message before they ring my mobile. And yet, with Skype, I was getting very annoyed when someone called me without warning.

I think this has been partly down to the loud and aggressive tone Skype ships with, but also because when someone calls I have to scramble for the headset, resulting in a wire trailing from the computer to my ear (I do keep thinking about some Bluetooth headphones, but I’ve not yet seen one I like). It certainly has something to do with the device, because Skype calls on my phone are less bothersome.

I’m still not settled, but I have worked on my initial reaction and I’ve now got as far as being pleased, although not quite to the nonplussed I am when my mobile rings. Maybe when I’ve been making calls from the computer for as long as I have through a phone I’ll be less agitated.