LoTRO and doubleTwist Being Problematic

It really isn’t my month for software. I’ve had problems with the new Trillian and the Nokia software that synch’s my phone and now, after having doubleTwist installed for about a year I finally got around to using it only to discover it either doesn’t like the amount of music I have (on my phone or in my library), or the fact that the music files are on a server elsewhere in the house. And now, after all of that, I’ve started playing Lord of The Rings Online (LoTRO) and found out that doesn’t like my network set-up either.

The problem with doubleTwist I’m not too bothered about. It would be a useful program to have working, but, as I’ve mentioned, I got it a long time ago when it was still in another beta version and I’ve not missed it. At some point I’ll start talking to the developers and users in the forums, do some fault finding, and hopefully get it working.

Not having Trillian is annoying me, but I just need to put some time aside to get a new all purpose IM and so far other things have got in the way.

LoTRO not saving its settings is a bit bothersome though. Not only does this fail mean that all the graphics and audio options have to be put to how I like them each time I load the game, but all the keybinds have be setup again as well.

I play the game a couple of times a week, each a two hour slots (payments of sympathy for my busy life can be forwarded to overworkedbychoice@leighbarlow.com), and every time the game fills one of my screens (upsetting the resolution on the other one), asks me if I want to run DirectX 10 mode and plays the music and intro at some ridiculous volume. And each time I put all that right, then load up a character and put in all my keybinds. This ritual has already become ingrained to the point where I load the game ten minutes before everyone else just to get it all sorted.

On the plus side I have solved the phone synch’ problem, and I’m hoping there will at least be some way to load keybinds in LoTRO via a command line switch. Besides, as I’ve said before, I like the challenges these glitches throw at me (although as I type this I’ve just found out that LoTRO will just shut down if I don’t interact with it for a while, guess I won’t be firing it up early from now on [heads hits desk a few times]).