Phone Synchronisation Failing

I seem to be suffering from various computer program fails at the moment. I’ve had issues with the new version of Trillian, doubleTwist doesn’t like my set-up (more on this in a later post), Lord of The Rings Online not saving its settings and now the software that synchronises my phone with Outlook has stopped working.

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

The actual synch software still seems to think it’s working fine, and has not reported any errors. This means that I don’t know when the problem started and therefore have very little idea exactly what recently installed software has caused it.

I plug the phone into the computer, the Nokia software starts, does its thing, claims it’s finished, and yet when I check the calendar or my contacts nothing has changed.

While I enjoy tracking errors on the computer this is one that I don’t even know where to start so I’m not looking forward to hunting for it. In the meantime I have that same feel I get when I know the back-up software isn’t doing what it should. It’s like watching the water get slowly higher and higher around your house knowing that at some point it’s all going to come crashing in around your ears.