The Slow Tomato Race – The Inconsistent Gardener

When I started The Slow Tomato Race I had two aims in mind. One was to raise a bit of money for a charity, the other was to force myself to growing something.

Week Nineteen

Week Nineteen

I partly succeeded with the second of these challenges and the fruit count over the past few months has been excellent. Sadly the size has left something to be desired; each tomato not getting any larger than a squash ball. I suspect the reason behind this has been my lack of watering, which was inconsistent to say the least. Certainly at the start I forgot to water the plant for days at a time and I think this stunted its growth.

As for raising money for charity I’ve failed with that as well. A project that I thought would garner widespread interest has fizzled out. I did have a few commitments to sponsor me, but no real interest. A shame, but entirely down to me misjudging the mood of people.

Two good things have come from this project: I’ve decided on a far more exciting thing to do next year to raise money; I really do want to make more of an effort to grow some of my own food.

Look out for more details of both in the coming months.