A Hole In My USB

It’s all very well getting a 500Gb USB drive for $80 (£50), but what if you don’t need that much storage space? More to the point what if you want to spend a lot less cash.

Dead Hard Drive

Dead Hard Drive

Given the prices of half and one terabyte drives, for a small amount of money you should be able to get lower capacity drives. Sadly now they rarely come in anything less than 250Gb and when they do they are only a few price points cheaper than the 500Gb ones. For example, I found 120Gb drives selling for $50 and £35.

If you step down to USB sticks you find they are not only very expensive in comparison but they are difficult to find over 32Gb.

Hopefully with the advent of SSDs the sticks and memory cards will catch up, but in the meantime, cheap, low capacity, external USB drives are hard to come by.