LB Phone Home

About six months ago I was looking at the different phones that were due to be released and the choices had left me underwhelmed. I had settled on the Sony Ericsson K850i mainly because of the 5 MP camera and the battery life.

Things have moved on a bit in the phone world and a couple of months ago I started reading reports on the Sony Ericsson G900. This looked like a phone with promise. It has Wi-Fi, a 5 MP camera and document editing. I’ve started doing quite a bit of writing when I’m out and about and so the document editing really appeals to me, add to that the fact that the G900 is less than 100g (just) and I thought I’d found my next phone.

The only problem is that the G900 seems to be struggling to get picked up by the networks. I’ve heard rumours on a few forums that no one likes the software (suppliers not users) and I’ve been told by a couple of other people that UQI (the version of Symbian the G900 runs) is a bit flaky. Then, at the weekend, I had a chance to play with a Nokia E71.

The only thing this Nokia doesn’t have that the G900 does is a 5 MP camera. On the E71 it’s only 3.2 MP. What it does have is a full keyboard and GPS. The E71 get a lot closer to replacing my iPaq, which I still use for email, Wi-Fi and Word documents and whereas all the other smart phones I’ve looked at over the years have been rather large (the iPhone for example) the E71 is slim and attractive. Okay, it’s a bit heavier than I want, but if it does everything my PDA and phone do at the moment and it’s finally small enough to fit in my pocket so it might be the one I go for. Oh, and it plays flash on its web browser as well.