The Fear of Leafing

The off-roading accident last weekend (see here) was no worse than any of my previous ones, but for some reason it made me nervous about doing other drops.

The Slope I Couldn't Jump

The Slope I Couldn't Jump

I’m a big believer in getting straight back on the bike again, no matter what the crash, and so I took it down to an area I’ve used many times and since left behind. (I was at the bottom of the slope I’d fallen down so it was easier to keep on going rather than drag the bike back up the bank.)

Oddly as I sat in the saddle looking down the drop I discovered I was nervous. I inched the bike down until I was just on the lip of the drop, but the more I thought about it the steeper it looked. I even tried to reason with myself, but courage failed me.

After pulling the bike away from the lip I decided to build up from something less troublesome. Three runs down some slightly shallower slopes and I was beginning to feel better about the whole thing, so I returned my previous position. This time I went over the edge without any problem. I did it a few more times just to be on the safe side and then took my sore body home.

I’m pretty sure that by next weekend I’ll be doing these runs without hesitation, but it was an odd feeling to experience fear.