The Slow Tomato Race – Tasting The Fruit

This week is a landmark in my tomato growing adventures: I have now eaten two of the fruit I have grown. Not only this, but there are a further three which are looking ripe so they will probably get eaten this week.

Week Fifteen

Week Fifteen

The reason this is such a momentous moment is that these are the first edible fruit I’ve been able to grown from a tomato plant. Previously I’ve killed three plants before they even got to this stage and the one I’m now looking after has been touch and go at times.

Fruit Eaten: 2

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As you will see from the pictures, due to the plant’s stunted growth the tomatoes are rather small, but I can testify to them being tasty. With another fifteen little green balls hanging on the tips of the branches I’ll be able to have a small salad once each week for the next few months.