Cloudy Back-Ups

Dead Hard Drive

Dead Hard Drive

My back-up strategy has still been bothering me. Not because I keep forgetting (it’s all automatic), and I’m not concerned about the copy corrupting either (I have the original and two others), but because all the data is held in one place.

I’ve finally decided to solve this by using an online back-up service. There are plenty of choices, all with numerous good reviews. What I’d not looked at before were the synchronization services. The advantage of these is that not only are my files being saved online but I can also access them from any computer with Flash installed.

After reading some good reviews I decided to try out Syncplicity. An extra selling point of this one is that I get 2gb of free space (up to 5gb if I refer friends) and as I’m a writer and all I need is a bit of space, this works for me.

As with any back-up service, the only way to really know if it works is to wipe out all your other data, and, unsurprisingly I’m not willing to do that. I have checked out various MS Word documents and the synchronization program that runs very quietly in the background appears to have worked.

All in I’m very happy. My data is backed up at home and now it’s also on the net; so if my house burns down I’ve still got it. And all this is being done without me being involved.