Calling It Correctly

I hate to say it (who am I kidding), but I was right. The cause for the phone (Nokia E71) re-booting itself was a poor connection on the power button (see here for more background).

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

Following the instructions from my network provider I wiped everything from the handset, took out the memory card, effectively running it for a week in with its factory settings. Nothing changed. Pressing the power button still caused a reset, as did putting the phone down heavily on a table.

I called the support team again and after checking I’d done everything they’d asked, making sure there was plenty of spare memory and the operating system was up-to-date, a replacement was authorised.

The courier turned up the next morning and I was the happy owner of a shiny new phone. A day later and I was calling in with another problem, explaining that every time the back of the case was pressed the phone thought I’d removed the memory card. When I released my grip it thought I’d put the MicroSD card back in again. I found this even happened if the phone was in my pocket and the screen was caught.

After further explanation it was agreed that this handset was also faulty and another one was issued. It being a Saturday I presumed I’d have to suffer until Monday, but to my surprise I found out Sunday deliveries were normal.

I’m now with my third handset and very happy again. All the software I use has been reinstalled. The new case is shiny and I feel like I’ve just got a new phone. Oh, and well done Orange UK for sorting this all out for me and getting a replacement sent out on a Sunday.