A Growing Pile of Rubbish

I’ve finally given back my garden waste bin.

For the last few years the local council have offer garden waste collections along side other recycling bins. At first I thought this was a great idea and got one; various friends even got two. Having a big hedge and lots of grass I made regular use of it, although the number of collections were reduced during the winter months so it was less useful then.

Garden Waste

Garden Waste

This year, however, it occurred to me how silly it was for me to use this service. You see at the back of the garden I have two compost bins as well as some room behind some trees where I can pile up other stuff. By not using this, but instead getting a truck to drive to my house and collect my rubbish I wasn’t really helping the environment.

So, I’ve now given the bin back and I’m putting everything on the one pile (rather big though it is). What I need to do now is find some use for the much coming out at the other end otherwise the composters will just overflow.