The Slow Tomato Race – It Lives

The challenge begins. Me against nature, or more to the point me against my own natural instinct to let things die.

Tomato Plant - Week Eight

Tomato Plant - Week Eight

It’s now been two months since I first got the tomato plant. I’d like to say that things have gone swimmingly but despite my best efforts to find some sort of watering routine I keep forgetting.

Still, the plant struggles on although as you can see from this picture some of the leaves have turned yellow and it’s not exactly put on a growth spurt. Having said that flowers have started to appear and one of them looks like it might turn into an actual tomato.

The plant has been re-potted twice since I first got it, using a mix of soil and compost from the waste bins in my garden (I didn’t have anything else to hand). I have no idea if this is helping or hindering it.

From now on, and for as long as it takes (I still don’t even know what the growing season of a tomato plant is) I will need to keep the poor thing watered and hope that the few leaves it has are enough to help it grow some fruit.

Keep an eye on this blog, go offer some sponsorship money, and let’s hope I don’t fail because I’m letting my hair grow at the moment (it’s my last chance) and I’d rather not shave it.

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