The Slow Tomato Race

The other year it was ‘Grow a Beard for Charity’, otherwise known as the laziest way to earn sponsorship, so I thought it was about time I did something even more bizarre.Tomato Plant

Making use of my inability to grow anything, and combining it with one of the most interactive blogs ever, I give you ‘The Slow Tomato Race’.

My challenge is to cultivate a donated tomato plant and coax it into producing at least ten tomatoes.

What I ask from you is a donation of money towards the good cause of Cancer Research. You can donate a sum or, if you’re the gambling kind, sponsor me per tomato grown.

In return for your generously given funds you will be able to feel part of the challenge, and offer growing tips, by following the weekly blog updates published every Wednesday. (Who said the internet wasn’t fast moving and thoroughly interactive.)

Of course there needs to be a penalty, so should my kind words and attention fail to stimulate the plant into bearing fruit (or it dies at any point), I shall increase the speed of my hair loss by shaving my head.

Give generously, give advice and please do call by to water the poor thing when I’ve forgotten.

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