E71 Fail

When tech’ support tell you to back-up and do a cold reboot, you know your phone has become a computer.

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

The E71 has developed an error. When I press the power button to change profiles, the menu appears a second time and the phone shuts itself down and reboots. I called my network provider to report the problem and they appeared to think it was a software fault. Their instructions have been to do a full reset of the phone, wiping all the programs I’ve installed and going back to the original settings.

They gave me these instructions a few days ago and as yet I haven’t done it. There are a couple of reasons why. As I don’t turn the phone off the only reason I need to press the power button is to change profiles and I can do this via the normal menus. The other issue is that if I am going to delete everything from the phone I need to backup all the data and while I do this on a regular basis the backup routine keeps telling me there has been an error but doesn’t tell me what has failed. This could mean that something will get lost in the clear out.

Add to this the fact that as the error only appears when I press the power button, and I suspect that tech’ support are wrong and it’s the switch under the button that is at fault rather than it being a software problem. This means that a reset isn’t going to solve anything and what I really need is a new handset.

I’m sure I’ll take the plunge at some point, and I’m hoping I’ll be happily surprised that everything is restored as it should be and the error disappears. Having said that I have a good track record of diagnosing errors more precisely than computer help desks, so it’s a good opportunity to test my skills in a new area.

I’ll get no pleasure in being proved right. Of course not. Why would I?