Healing Words

After my small biking accident the other week (see here) I thought it would be interesting to make a brief note of how long it took my injuries to heal. The damage was as follows: one sprained finger, a sprained neck (whiplash), bottom lip cut on the inside, top lip cut on the outside, internal damage to my nose.

Cycling Crash

Cycling Crash

As expected most of the injured areas were swollen for a couple of days. Because some of this was my mouth eating, smiling and general facial expressions were rather difficult, but once this had died away only stretching my top lip was difficult.

The finger stayed swollen for just over a week although most of the pain had gone within five days. My neck was also healed by the end of the first week. Having said that it actually took a few days for the pain to start. Within five days my nose was also back to normal again.

All in all everything was in working order quicker than the cuts on my arm and leg took to heal following the accident the week before. Experience therefore shows that while it hurt rather a lot at the time, and for several days afterwards, there was nothing to worry about. Next time I’ll be more prepared for landing on my face and less fearful of the pain.