There Must Be Fifty Ways to Break Your Body

Some of my bits are now swollen. Let me explain why.

Mashed Face

Mashed Face

Summer is here and this year I’m doing a lot more off-roading on the mountain bike. Doing stupid things inevitably leads to accidents and what better way to get over the pain than to show the world how stupid I am.

I’m really hoping that I improve my bike skills quickly and this new photo album won’t get that full, but who knows. As I said to a friend, taking care of myself has always been a problem; killing myself is proving more of a challenge. This is what happens when you push good sense and fear to one side:

Biking Accident Album

What I find interesting is that this sort of incident doesn’t bother me at all. Rather than deter me it actually spurs me on to try harder. After accident two had happened I spent a few minutes on my hands and knees, waiting for my vision to clear and letting the blood cover the ground. Then I got up and checked if the bike was okay. My first thought after that was to wonder where I went wrong and how I could get it right next time.

Fortunately I wasn’t stupid enough to have another go straight away, but I was very eager to get back to practicing again. It’s not that I posses an urge for perfection or that I’m competitive, I just don’t understand why I can’t do what others can. I guess it comes down to confidence and my belief that most things can be achieved if you just keep trying and don’t fear failure. Here’s to many more years of finding challenges that nearly, but don’t actually, kill me.