Where's The Keyboard Gone

I like my Nokia E71. I would go as far as to say I love the bloomin’ thing. It’s far better than a Blackberry or an iPhone for various reasons. What I can’t get used to is the way the light sensor works.

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

I don’t need a brightly lit screen in every environment, so dimming it down in bright sunlight saves battery life, and it’s great when I walk into a room and the backlight turns itself on. What it can’t seem to get the hang of is the difference between light behind the screen and light behind the keyboard.

When sat in a dark environment with the odd bright spot light such as a bar, the sensor turns off the light for the screen. That’s fine as the overhead spotlight allows me to still read things. Unfortunately the small white text on the black keyboard then becomes invisible rendering the phone nearly useless. The only solution is to put a finger over the sensor tricking into thinking it’s suddenly got dark.

A better answer would be for the text on the keyboard to glow in the dark. I imagine the reason this hasn’t been done is because not many phone designers sit in bars using their products. As phones worm their way further into our lives I suspect this will change, and of course, when voice recognition finally comes of age we won’t need keyboards. We’ll just stand in bars and clubs and shout at our phones in the same way we shout at our friends.