Copy The Format

Pasting something between different programs on a computer used to be simple – you knew that as annoying as it was all the formatting you had done was going to vanish. Then, a few years ago things started to change. Web browsers became things you ran applications in, not just programs you used to view html pages. Along with this came a drive to preserve formatting, so that should you want to paste something between Google Docs and Gmail the underlining and the bold didn’t go away.



Other software also joined in and now we have the other extreme. Something written in Word or OpenOffice, can be pasted into Gmail or WordPress and the magical formatting pixies make sure everything looks the same.

Except this isn’t what I wanted!

I don’t want the font type and size or the colour of the text to be copied across to an email just because I’ve drafted something in Word (because it checks spelling and auto-corrects stuff on the fly). What I want is nice, simple, plain text to appear in the email window. And don’t even get me started on what happens when you copy email addresses around.

The result is that Notepad is getting used a lot more because that wonderful little program doesn’t let the formatting pixies play in its garden. Long live Notepad.